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Vision & Mission Statement:

Here at Faith Bible Institute we have a vision to see every person that we come in contact with experience victory in life through faith in God. We will see this happen by discipling the Church through God’s Word to change their world. The following is a statement of faith of what we believe as a body. We will further go in depth pointing to the Word of God as our source of God’s voice to the whole earth today; and our guarantee that what we believe is whole-heartedly God’s absolute truth.


Application Deadline: August 18th


Orientation: August 25th, 5pm

Thank you for your interest! Check back soon for updated information.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Faith Bible Institute?

Faith Bible Institute is a 3-year Bible Certificate Program for those that want to grow in the Lord and are called into ministry.


Where is Faith Bible Institute?

Classes are held at 4501 W. Expy 83, Harlingen, TX 78552


Are all students required to attend in person?

Yes, students are required to attend in person classes on Sunday’s from 5-7pm.


Are there prerequisites?

Yes, a High School Diploma/ Transcript or GED is required.


What is the application fee?



What is the tuition fee?



Who will be teaching the courses?

Pastor Kevin and Veronica Ortiz along with other Pastors and Staff of Faith Pleases God Church.


What kind of accreditation does Faith Bible Institute have?

Faith Bible Institute (FBI) is an accredited member with Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI).