We exist to help, build and encourage. Our goal is for you to have a healthy marriage with foundation based on God's Holy Word. We are here to Help, Build and Encourage.

  • We encourage prayer with couples already married or considering marriage. Matthew 18:19-20
  • We encourage all newlyweds and soon to be married to invest time and make appointments for our ministry sessions in order to seek for wisdom and counsel through God's Word. Proverbs 15:22
  • We encourage being committed to God's family and coming to church in order to have a strong family and marriage. Hebrews 10:25
  • We teach from "The 7 Keys to Building a Strong Premarital and Post Marriage Foundation".Marriage meetings are full of real life testimonies and breakthroughs. These testimonies will encourage you through God's Word. 1 John 5:4
  • Our resources come from the ministries of: Jimmy Evans, Pastor Tony Evans, Pastor Carlos Ortiz, and Pastor Kevin Ortiz.
  • Monthly gatherings are a great way to meet other couples within our FPC Church family; we strongly urge that you make time to come to these events.

Welcome Ready to Wed

Short Introduction from Pastors Frank and Gracie Marin
Let's Get Started!
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Session One:

Christ Centered Marriage

Session Two:

Valuing Our Differences

Session Three:

Leaving and Cleaving

Session Four:


Session Five:


Session Six:


Session Seven:

Being a Team

Session Eight:


Session Nine:


Session Ten:

How to Have a Great First Year