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Welcome to “Steadfast Marriage” – the vibrant, nurturing marriage ministry at FPG Church. We are an oasis of support, a wellspring of wisdom, and a beacon of hope for all couples seeking to deepen their relationship with each other and with God.


We believe that a strong marriage is built upon the firm foundation of God’s Word, and our mission is to guide, strengthen, and inspire you on this beautiful journey. Our cornerstone is the three pillars of Help, Build, and Encourage.


Our teachings are drawn from “The 7 Keys to Building a Robust Premarital and Post Marriage Foundation”, a guide that enlightens and empowers couples at every stage of their marital journey.

Join us for our marriage meetings, where you’ll find a community of couples sharing real-life testimonies and celebrating breakthroughs. These powerful stories will uplift you, fortifying your faith in God’s Word as expressed in 1 John 5:4.


We are blessed to draw upon the wisdom of Jimmy Evans, Pastor Tony Evans, Pastor Carlos Ortiz, and Pastor Kevin Ortiz, whose teachings infuse our resources. Our monthly gatherings offer a warm and welcoming space for you to connect with other couples within the FPG Church family. We ardently recommend setting aside time to attend these enriching events.

What you can expect

We emphasize the power of prayer, inviting all couples, both married and those contemplating marriage, to join us in shared prayer, embodying the spirit of Matthew 18:19-20. 


For newlyweds and those preparing to enter the sacred bond of marriage, we offer ministry sessions to seek wisdom and counsel through God’s Word, drawing upon the insights of Proverbs 15:22. 


To fortify your family and marriage, we encourage commitment to God’s family and regular church attendance, upholding the guidance of Hebrews 10:25.


– Tailored ministry sessions for couples on Wednesday and Sunday (by appointment only)
– Uplifting monthly gatherings
– A diverse community of couples of all ages
– A welcoming environment for those considering marriage


Your journey towards a steadfast marriage begins here. Welcome to our community, where love, faith, and commitment intertwine.

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